Black Party Dress

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Silhouette Pose 9The black party dress, black cocktail dress, black evening dress or whatever you want to call it, they all derive from the same “little black dress” that was introduced by Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel in 1926. And it’s a good thing she did because around that time women started to wear less conforming clothing including more comfortable dresses that were less lengthy. Coco’s design was a jersey dress, sleeveless with a wider neck and reached down to just above the knee. It was the first time that this much of the neck, arms and legs of a woman had been exposed. Plus it was black, and until this moment black was only reserved for mourning and death, not everyday fashion. Today, the first born little black dress has fully grown to a timeless ladies wardrobe necessity, thank-you Coco Chanel!

I’m a guy with an interest in ladies fashion and in my opinion the black party dress is just simply one of the most attractive garments a woman can wear. There is just something about the dresses in the way they are so beautiful and at the same time almost highlighting the women that wear them. They can be fun and flirty or classy and enchanting, and a lot of the time they can be almost dangerous and downright seductive.

Finding a black party dress that is right for you simply depends on your own preference. What do you like about yourself? If it’s your bust, check out dresses that are fitted at the top with plunging necklines. if you like your arms shoulders then go for a strapless one, if your a fan of your legs and butt, scope out a shorter dress that really hugs your hips. Finally, there are also the club style party dresses if you like your whole body and ain’t afraid to show it off.

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The Black Prom Dress – How to be Staggering in One for the Big Night

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princessThe black prom dress has and will always be a great choice for prom night. A lot of the time it’s as gorgeous as it is versatile. When choosing one wear for the big event there are many styles to choose from, it just depends on the type of style you would most like to wear. There is glamorous and and elegant (like the attire at the Grammy awards) which represents beauty and grace, like that of a ball gown. Then there is also the shorter sassier style (like the attire at the MTV awards) that gives an edgier more playful look. Whatever style you chose that is best for you, I’m sure you’ll take a look in the mirror with it on and find it perfect.

You can do many things with a black prom dress to add to the look. Let’s think of the shoes for a moment. Black shoes with a black dress would be the safest choice but there is nothing wrong with adding a splash of color to the whole look. Personally I think brightly colored shoes look amazing with a black dress. If it’s a shorter dress try on some open toed or strappy heels in different colors like hot pink or a bright blue. You can also try metallic shoes in gold or silver depending on any accessories you plan on wearing with the dress. Sequin shoes can work well too, especially if they resemble any gems you may be wearing, for example red sequin shoes go great with rubies. If you have a long black prom dress I would suggest black shoes so they blend. You can still glam it up a bit though by getting a pair with rhinestone decor or something of that nature. By the way, if you you wear open toes with any style of black prom dress be sure to get a pedicure done with a great paint job!

As far as accessories go I think earrings are an absolute must and dangler, chandelier or shoulder dusters look great because mostly all prom dresses are either strapless or expose a lot of skin a above the bust. I find a necklace is optional but it does look rather fetching when it’s worn in a set that matches the earrings. Okay ladies there you go and I hope that helps with any of the concerns you may have had about sporting a black prom dress for your wonderful event.


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Sheiki Slayer Dress

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This rocker type black party dress is sexy and bad-ass. Comfortable with a wide neck, loose short sleeves and also features a really sharp looking shredded back design. Definitely garb to keep you composed and as cool as the other side of the pillow.



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Nightcap Clothing Victorian Lace Dress

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Must-Have Fall Fashions at Pink Mascara

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Black Razor Slit Long Sleeve

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Here we have one of the many styles of the club dresses, also referred to by some as the “bad girl” dresses. There are  two main things I like about it. First, I’m a straight male and I think it’s hot. Second, seeing any girl in a dress of this genre projects to me, that she is so confident in her sexuality that she doesn’t give a crap what I think. Which is also hot.



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Black Halo Jackie Mini

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Black Halo Jackie Mini 38 Black


I find this dress has a “flirty secretary” type of look to it. The fitted body with just above the knee length makes it sophisticated and sexy. It’s easy to change up the look as well because it’s simple to accessorize with this dress.


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La Femme Prom Dress

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Referred to as a prom dress but I see it as great formal wear for women whose prom is past as well. Now just because the event is formal doesn’t mean you can’t turn some heads. My favorite feature of this eye-catching black party dress (amongst all the incredible ones there are) is the satin banding along the waist and bustline. Accessorize with some diamonds and the only way you won’t be blowing up this party, is if there’s a sign outside the venue stating “No Bombshells Allowed”. Pun intended.

Celebrity Dresses

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Jay Godfrey Toni Fringe Dress

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Fringe dresses are not only beautiful, I think they’re fun too. I enjoy this one so much that just looking at it makes me feel like I got hit in the face with a big pie made entirely out of happy. If the dress could talk it would probably say something like “It’s celebration time baby, let’s do this!”

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METAL MULISHA Uplifted Dress

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One of your good friends is in a heavy metal band and they booked thier first gig at the seediest bar in town. You love him so you can’t miss his first show! Team this dress up with some fresh kicks and that’s all you need to rock. Now go show your friend some support!


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Charmeuse Sofia Dress in Black

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  Charmeuse Sofia Dress in Black

This dress is just so gorgeous. I was going to end my comment at that but I should talk a little bit more about it. Spaghetti straps, structured bodice, rivited lace up style portion in the back, 100 percent silk and so on. This dress is just so gorgeous.


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